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At Venturex Wire, we carry out document and identity verification to remain compliant with KYC and AML policies. The purpose of this is to disrupt and prevent any criminal activity in the financial sector. Our compliance obligations have been implemented to prevent money laundering, counter terrorist financing and any other prohibited illegal activities.

In order to maintain all efforts to detect suspicious financial activity, all Venturex Wire accounts need to be fully verified in order to operate transactions. We believe that closely working with local and international regulators increases the chances of operating in a safer framework.

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“Exciting times lie ahead for Blockchain Technology. Not only is it here to stay, but will massively impact the way we transact data and value. Venturex Wire has the perfect solution for Bitcoin buyers and sellers. User-friendly features and fast procedures that enable great user experience. Our team is as passionate as they are committed to delivering great services and strive to better serve the whole community.”
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