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Bitcoin is the first Peer-to-Peer decentralised digital currency. It was created in 2009 and has since witnessed wide adoption. Bitcoin can be spent by anyone, at any time, for any amount. Transaction fees are very low and very fast enabling highly optimised transactions around the globe. All transactions are validated by a cryptography-based consensus and are then stored on a public ledger called the Blockchain. Besides its highly sophisticated features, bitcoin remains a very easy and secure way to operate transactions on a global scale. We encourage everybody to possess at least some in this changing era.
Venturex Wire was created to facilitate buying and selling Digital Currencies and to offer a simple way of accessing the benefits of Blockchain Technology. Its friendly features enable anyone to get started in the fastest and most secure way. Venturex Wire is constantly improving its usability and strives in providing the best possible experience for Crypto Currency users.
The verification process can take up to several business days, depending on the amount of applications received in a given time. But the average time is 48 hours.
All you need to verify your Venturex Wire account are a valid proof of identity (passport, Identity Card) and a document proving your address (Utility Bill less than 3 months old). Venturex Wire reserves the right to require any additional proof for the sole purpose of checking the client’s identity.
Our advice to secure your Venturex Wire account is:
a) create a difficult password combining letters and numbers, using lower-case and upper-case letters
b) do not share your password with anyone
c) verify that emails you receive from Venturex Wire are genuine
d) enable the Authenticator feature on the Google Authenticator Application of your mobile device
e) remain cautious at all times with the possibilities of accessing your email account
Yes. Once your account and credit card are verified, you can immediately start purchasing Bitcoin. Make sure the credit card bears the same name as the person who signed up for the given account.
Yes. Once your account and bank details are verified, you can immediately start purchasing Bitcoin. Make sure the bank account bears the same name as the person who signed up for the given account.
Credit card fees depend on the card issuers and can vary from bank to bank. A fix fee of 4.9% is applied to all transactions.
You can link up to 3 different bank accounts to your Venturex Wire account. Please make sure all different bank accounts bear the same name as the person who opened the Venturex Wire account.
Only credit and debit card purchases are limited: 1000 euros / day and 5000 euros / month.

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“Exciting times lie ahead for Blockchain Technology. Not only is it here to stay, but will massively impact the way we transact data and value. Venturex Wire has the perfect solution for Bitcoin buyers and sellers. User-friendly features and fast procedures that enable great user experience. Our team is as passionate as they are committed to delivering great services and strive to better serve the whole community.”
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