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1-This Privacy Policy (“policy”) informs the users (“user”, “you”, “customer”) visiting our website of why, when and how Venturex Wire processes information (including personal data) gathered on the website, Venturex Wire is represented by (“we”, “us” “our”), the company’s website is represented by (“website”, “site”). Venturex Wire is a company that enables buying and selling of digital currencies on its website. This policy applies to the website, and all products, services, or apps directly associated to this website and provided by Venturex Wire.

2- Venturex Wire controls and manages all processed data gathered on the website and acknowledges that the customer’s information and personal data is strictly confidential and important. Venturex Wire only uses this data in accordance to the latest Data Protection Requirements (GPDR), the customer’s approval and this privacy policy. Our policy covers general terms, categories of processed data, purposes of processing data, rights of users, how we share, secure, and store it, the conditions of retention of data, consent of users, what to do in case of a refusal of this Policy by the customer or you, changes made to this policy, and contact information.

2-Use of the personal data, categories of data involved and purposes for using it

Venturex Wire reserves the right to process personal information of users in a number of ways, including but not limited to using Venturex Wire’s services, website and/or mobile apps, registering on one of our services, filling out forms, providing information for Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer purposes. If permitted by applicable law, we may also gather information about you from third parties (id verification companies, Public databases, Marketing Partners and any third party permitting Identity verifications of the users.)The purpose of these verification procedures is to ensure a high level of diligence is operated in order to prevent illicit activities including but not limited to fraud, money-laundering, terrorist financing. The different categories of data involve:

a) Personal data: name, address, telephone number(s), emails, date of birth, passwords, nationality, gender, photographs, utility bills, Identity documents like Identity Cards, Passports, and any other documents proving the user’s identity.

b) Financial Data: when a customer or user buys or sells a product or service on our website, we may gather bank information, the history of all transactions and/or Credit Card and Debit Card information.

c) We may require further information for corporate or business demands: Commercial Registration Numbers, documents providing information on a company’s activity in order to verify the company’s activities and the owner’s identity.

d) When daily or monthly limits are exceeded, we may require additional proof of funds including but not limited to bank statements, documents provided by financial institutions, contracts or any other document or statement proving the user’s intentions.

e) When users are on the website, data from their activity is gathered in order to better understand the users’ activity including but not limited to IP-addresses, deposit and withdraw addresses, transactions data, information taken from computers and mobile devices, browsers, operating systems or apps.

f) By accepting our Privacy Policy you agree whilst signing up to our newsletter, that we can use your email adresse to send you newsletters, promotional offers, updates and any information we think can be useful, beneficial or of interest to you.

The data aforementioned is gathered for several purposes, the first being that to use our products or services, we need to take all necessary steps in order to know and verify the user’s identity including to carry out AML and KYC procedures. These verifications are implemented to prevent misuse, fraud, money laundering, charge backs, to reply to customers’ needs and requests, to improve our services, products and/or website and/or apps features, as well as to inform customers of changes including but not limited to products, services, legal terms, Privacy Policy,Terms of Service, of promotional offers from us or our partners, or news related to our company and/or industry, and any form of direct advertising.

3-Automatic Collection of data

When users interact with our website, data may be collected from us in order to provide you with the best possible services and products we have to offer, including but not limited to cookies. If for any reason we were to ask information for a different reason than the aforementioned reasons, Venturex Wire would notify you as soon as possible.

Venturex Wire may use cookies to improve users’ experience of the website. Cookies are messages that web servers pass to your web browser when you visit Internet sites. Your browser stores each message in a small file. When you request another page from the server, your browser sends the cookie back to the server. Users can set their browsers to refuse cookies or to notify them when receiving them. By going to the “tools”, “preferences” or “settings” section, look for the “privacy” or “security” section in order to select the desired option for managing cookies. Please acknowledge that disabling cookies can alter the functionalities of some websites.

4-Retention of Data

Venturex Wire retains information as long as it is necessary in order to deliver services and products adequately and to comply with Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer requirements. We may keep your information for up to five years after the relationship between the customer and Venturex Wire has ended. We may exceed five years retention of data if required by applicable law, or any other justified legal means. Please note that legal time frames related to the retention of data can be changed any time due to law and/or regulations.

5-Securing, storing and sharing personal data

As well as we implement strict security measures in order to protect all data gathered on our website from our users including but not limited to actions of deletion, destruction, alteration, disclosure or unauthorised access to personal data like passwords, transaction history, personal documents, identity documents, we cannot guarantee the full security of this data due to the risks that are related to the use of the internet. You are therefore fully responsible for any of the aforementioned breaches of security relating to your personal data. We may share data gathered on our website with our employees, subsidiaries (if any), to data processing partners or service providers (if any), to new buyers and owners in case Venturex Wire is sold to any third party, to any competent law enforcement bodies, courts, regulatory bodies for matters relating to defence of legal rights, protection of interests, or if required by law. The client agrees that personal data can be forwarded to other countries of the European Union for the purposes mentioned in section 2 of this Policy, and to countries outside the European Union if they offer the same degree of protection of personal data relative to the 8th December 1992 Act on Privacy Protection.

6-User Rights

Users may access their personal data at any time by contacting support at [email protected] in order to correct, delete or demand the restriction of processing personal data. If ever you consider that your rights under the data protection laws have been violated, you may issue a complaint with UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office, the supervisory authority. If you continue to use our website, you automatically agree on our latest Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

7- Changes to our Privacy Policy

Venturex Wire can at any time update the content of its Privacy Policy at its sole discretion. When we do, we may send an email to all users, or post a message on our website. Users are encouraged to check the content of our Privacy Policy for any updates on a regular basis and are fully responsible for the agreement in-between him/her and Venturex Wire’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


By ticking the Privacy Policy box, you or user or customer agree that you, he/she has read the Privacy Policy, and fully agree(s) to it. If you do not agree to our Terms of Service and/or Privacy Policy, please do not use our products, services or website.


If you have any inquiry related to the process and management of your personal data, please contact [email protected]


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